Turner Studios Moves Transcoding to new Vantage Point

Turner Studios, the Atlanta-based production arm of cable programming powerhouse Turner Entertainment Networks is a busy place – producing about 2700 live hours from its studios and 500 hours of remote coverage in 2011.

Ken Brady, VP of Systems Technology and Digital Media for Turner Studios can't think of a video format Turner Studios doesn't support. Transcoding technology has been a major area of investment, including eight nodes of Telestream Agility – as well as transcoding tools from Telestream and other vendors.

One of Turner Studios' goals is to unify its content-processing systems and reduce the number of discreet workflows that its production and post-production staff have to contend with. According to Brady, Vantage offers this flexibility.

To reduce the complexity of preparing video for distribution in myriad formats and across distribution platforms, Turner Studios decided to migrate much of its transcoding to Telestream’s newer Vantage product.

When Turner began the migration in July 2011, it had literally thousands of workflows. That number has been reduced to hundreds of Vantage workflows today. "75% of everything we do is now either controlled by Vantage or encoded by Vantage", reports Brady.

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